Your private space in all airports

What is AeroCapsule​

The capsule is a hub of serenity with soft light will give you a piece of me-time in get-away-from-it-all-atmosphere. Imagine yourself sitting in a cabin, reading some book or watching a serial. With no sound that will get inside, you can let your hair down and never mind about trifles.


In the capsule you can work if not hard but at least without getting distracted. Asoundproof installation is equipped with window electro-tinting.

Wind down, relax or search the Net

Got tired after a long flight and hustle and bustle of the airport? Read a book, listen to music or meditate in peace and quiet.

Mind your own affairs

You can do things you like or scroll through social networks, as there is an illumination of the ceiling and working areas, and simultaneously control the timetable via installed screens with takeoff and landing.

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Contact Us

  • +375 (29) 705-33-57
  • Full name: Limited Liability Company "EnCata"
  • Address: 220070, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Soltysa, 187, room. 99
  • TN 191658204